What is OneStar?

The “One Star at a Time” program is a worldwide effort to create accessible public spaces to view a starry night sky. The program uses night sky conservation to unite people across the planet, their cultures and their skies.

This is a story of how people from around the world united together to give the gift of natural starlight for all children of this planet.
A National Parks Service study predicts that unless we can significantly reduce light pollution, by 2025 only 10% of people in the United States will EVER see a starry night sky in their LIFETIME. Similar concerns are coming from all around the world.

“One Star at a Time, Reclaim the starry night sky” is a campaign to engage and unite the public on a global scale to reduce light pollution so that we may reconnect with the stars and each other. The motto of Astronomers Without Borders is “One People*One Sky”. If we can unveil the inspirational night sky we share with all people of this planet, and share experiences and explorations of the cosmos together, we may regain steps toward peace… the greatest gift we could ever give to our children.

One Star at a Time invites individuals to pledge to reduce light pollution coming from their own home or business.

One Star is a strong devoted citizen effort to open at least one StarPark within every community on the planet, every national & state park and other precious public lands.

The Global StarPark Network is meant to include every single public stargazing/observation site in the world… large or small. Regardless of the skyglow surrounding them, care has been taken to reduce light pollution where possible in the immediate vicinity. One Star encourages all existing public stargazing sites to be immediately registered as a StarPark in the Global StarPark Network. These sites will range wildly from a tiny rooftop observing site in a city, to a World Heritage Site in Italy, to a tennis court turned StarPark at night, to hotel resort grounds or cruise ship far from any port where celestial observations and mythology stories are shared.

These StarParks will be encouraged to keep SQM, Globe at Night, and Bortle ratings which data is continuously expanding for ecological/scotobiology research purposes.

The listings will be visible on the website to encourage eco-tourism, support and global collaboration… and show a growing international synergy to protect our cultural theritage of a starry night sky for future generations.

Spread the idea of every community having a StarPark – registered on the Global StarPark network – for observing the sky. Turn baseball fields and tennis courts into StarParks at night. Organize pledge and registration drives at star parties and other events. Get others involved. One Star at a Time is about you and thousands of others like you around the world. We can help with resources like presentation certificates, brochure templates and signage artwork… but only you can contribute the heart and drive to feed the synergy necessary to succeed.
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